Replacement donation is the same as voluntary blood donation ?!

replacement donation

Fact: Both are not the same. A voluntary donation is when a donor donates #blood out of free will without being asked or forced. The #donor does not expect anything in return for the donated blood. Replacement blood donation or #forceddonation is when the hospital staff asks the relatives of a patient to donate blood to replace the used blood. In most cases, hospitals compel the relatives to find donors for substituting the used #bloodbags to maintain the #bloodstock of the hospital #bloodbank.

Replacement blood donation is when a hospital asks the friends and relatives of a patient to donate blood to restore the units utilised for the patient. The National Blood Policy formulated in 2002 states that no hospital should depend on replacement donors. The policy says that replacement blood donation should be gradually phased out. 

In systems based on voluntary blood donation, patients have improved access to safe blood transfusion in routine and emergency situations, without which their survival or quality of life might be threatened. The blood and blood products they receive carry a low risk of infection that might further compromise their health. They are not placed under pressure to find blood donors in order to receive treatment and feel a sense of being cared for by others whom they will never meet. In turn, this may motivate a spirit of generosity and a desire for reciprocal volunteering in the future.

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