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Yes, blood is life. Do you know, thousands of people die every day due to the unavailability of blood?
So, we need to monitor the blood cold chain to increase availability by reducing blood wastage.
blood bank system

factors causing


– Lack of a blood bag monitor.

– Usually, mother blood banks do not take back unused blood bags from storage centers. It is because there is no certainty of the quality of the blood bags.
– There is no monitoring and traceability of the temperature of the blood bags during transportation.
– Most hospitals depend on replacement donation rather than voluntary blood donation.

features of

Blood Bag monitor

– The IoT-based blood bank information system will monitor blood bags in the blood supply chain.
– It is a complete, precise, and effective device. It monitors the quality of blood bags by continually tracking their temperature.
– Bagmo blood bank software is a complete inventory management system for blood banks. It increases the information retrieval speed. As a result, it reduces a lot of manual effort.
– Bagmo is a decision-supporting technology. Hence, it supports hemovigilance practice.

Key Benefits of our blood bag monitor

Vein to vein tracking

The Bagmo software will show all the details from donor to a patient on a single screen. So, we can easily retrieve the information upon a request.


By using Bagmo, we can trace the position of the blood bag. It will monitor the temperature of the blood bag. The software will track the expiry of the bags.

Quality Assurance

The Bagmo device continuously monitors the blood bags. Therefore, we can precisely ensure the quality of each blood bag. There will be less wastage of blood.

Temperature Tracking

The Bagmo device will continuously measure the temperature of every blood bag. It will measure the temperature of the bags in the blood bank refrigerator. We can also use it to track the bags while transportation.

Stock management

The bagmo software will generate daily, weekly reports on the stocks. As a result, it will reduce the manual effort. It will also make the process error-free.

Real-time alert

In case of any breach in the temperature of blood bags, the bagmo device will send alerts to the concerned authority. The software will send alerts through email and SMS.

Digitized registers

The Bagmo software will allow the user to create over 19 digital registers. Hence, we make inventory management at blood banks easier. It will reduce manual efforts and errors.

Camp management

The bagmo software will alert the user about upcoming blood donation camps. It will help in managing the blood donation camps smoothly.


The Bagmo software will help identify the blood bags for cross-matching in a FIFO manner. If the exact group is not present, the software will show other blood bags of compatible blood groups.


The bagmo software is cloud-based. Hence, the medical officer can access it from any location. Thus, remote monitoring and management of blood banks are possible.


By using the Bagmo tool, the staff can log the tasks they have done. Therefore, we will know the responsible person for each test and activity done.

API sharing

The bagmo software is compatible with other applications. So, we can easily integrate it with the HIS or any software in operation at the hospital.

Bagmo helps in increasing

blood availability