An innovative patent pending technology for the blood supply chain to eradicate the non availability of blood in rural parts of India.

Assure Quality

One of the main factors believed to cause hemolysis is temperature. Infusion of the corrupted blood leads to haemolytic reactions which are severe and life-threatening. Bagmo blood bag monitoring solution offers simple quality assurance for blood temperature during storage and transport environment .

Increase Availability

The proper maintenance of cold chain is important to keep the blood components reliable for transfusion. At present, the temperature of blood products is not recorded during logistics. In Blood storage centers, it is important to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all types of blood units. 

Reduce wastage

 Minimizing wastage and  thereby promoting optimal usage of blood, we can help to reduce tragic fatal incidents arising due to lack of blood supply. Bagmo can enable returning unused units to mother blood bank before expiry date, where the usage rate is high and wastage is minimal.

Why Blood Bag Monitoring ?

Blood transfusion is identified as one of the eight key life-saving functions in comprehensive emergency obstetric care. One of the major cause of maternal death is due to hemorrhage and blood should be available to manage these cases. Poor availability of blood in rural areas should be addressed to eliminate avoidable maternal mortality and morbidity.

Demand & Forecast

Allow the blood centre to reduce waste and cost with excess of inventory that can result in disposing of most of them.

Inventory Management

Supports blood stock management and provides a full audit trail of all blood stock electronically scanned onto the system

Real Time Temperature Monitoring

Real-time temperature monitoring of individual blood packages ensure the safety of blood samples and minimize wastage.

Heamovigilance Practice

Tool to improve the quality of the blood transfusion chain, primarily focusing on safety.


Eliminate the tedious manual checklists and follow-ups normally associated with regulatory compliance.

Gain Visibility

Know exactly who has signed off or reviewed new documents completed what training and how they scored on assessments.

The Numbers Never Lie

Installed Details

Blood Bags

Adverse Event Detected

Up coming blood banks



Blood Tracker

Automated vein-vein inventory management

  • Stock Management
  • Camp Management
  • Test Analysis
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Digitalized Registers
  • Cross Match Records
  • Temperature Fluctuation Graph
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Blood Bag Traceability

About Us 

Bagmo Pvt Ltd, a Cochin based startup, incubated in Maker village, is a spun out company of BIRAC’s Social Innovation Immersion program on maternal and child health. We focus on healthcare needs by engineering innovations and operation management techniques.


Blood Bag Monitoring Device

Continuously records the blood storage conditions thus ensures the quality and acceptability of blood with the help of an RFID sensor by monitoring the temperature,time log and the life of each blood with the help of software.

Temperature Display & Individual Blood Bag Status
– Temperature fluctuation graph

– Expiry Status

An IoT-based Device
– Simple,consistent and accurate Wifi based IoT device
– Inbuilt offline memory status
Cost Effective & Zero recurring Cost
– Reusable Tags
– Multiple User access
Extended Battery Backup
– Offline Data storage

– 8-hour battery backup



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Operations Lead


Innovation Engineer


Software Lead




PH Consultant


Tech Consultant


Stick-On Logger

Bagmo stick on logger that latch on each blood bag and transported from hospital blood bank to the cardiac surgery intensive care unit and the operation theatre. The system is capable to indicate when a blood bag’s temperature is outside the standard temperature and prevents blood corruption. This system can be used as a decision support system in blood transfusion services to improve the storage and transportation conditions of the blood bags.


Loggfi, a cloud based temperature data logger, is a portable measurement instrument that is capable of autonomously recording temperature over a defined period of time. Loggfi is an integral part of any cold chain system and our users are from pharma, blood banks, blood storage centers, perishable commodity warehouses and perishable commodity transporters.


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