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Are you looking for the best Blood Bank Software?

Bagmo provides you the best Blood Bank Management System – the Bagmo Blood Monitor. The Blood Monitor stores, processes, retrieves and analyzes data related to blood bank operations. It does not just take care of inventory management but a lot of other factors too. To know what it is about, let’s continue reading.
The Blood Bank Management System by Bagmo aims to provide transparency in blood bank operations. It makes the process of obtaining blood from a blood bank hassle-free and corruption-free. The Blood Monitor makes blood bank management more effective.

Blood bag tracking
RFID based blood bag monitoring system

The blood bank management system also saves information about the upcoming blood donation camps. Moreover, it will assist blood banks in camp management, donor management, cold chain management. Donor management includes donor registration, managing donor databases, and recording their physical and medical statistics.

Beneficiaries of the best blood bank software

Who could be the people benefitting from the best Blood Bank Management System? Well, there are three categories of beneficiaries. These are,

1. Donors: A donor is the one who donates blood voluntarily at the blood bank or donation camp. The information system also keeps the record of the donors who register online for blood donation. 

2. Patients: The patient is the one who requires blood from the hospital due to accidents, surgeries, delivery, or any other medical conditions.

3. Blood center: This refers to the staff working at the blood bank that includes staff members, operators, blood center in charge, head of pathological department. 

Benefits of blood bank management information system to donors 
  • The blood bank management system provides a unique identification number to the donor at the time of the blood donation camp. This number will help the donor in subsequent future correspondence. Bagmo blood bank software supports Fingerprint and Aadhaar Card numbers as a unique identification number.
  • Blood banks can appreciate the donors by checking their previous donations.
  • Blood centers can provide a printed certificate for voluntary blood donors.
Benefits of blood bank management information system to Patients
  •  The blood bank software enables the patients to get details of the required blood group from the central inventory.
  •  A centralized blood bank information helps the patients to get the list of donors area-wise or blood group-wise if the blood group required is not available in the central inventory. Hence, a fast arrangement of blood is possible.
Benefits of blood bank management information system to blood Center
Simplifying blood bank operations
  • The main advantage of a blood bank management system is easy and effective information retrieval. Hence, the staff can view precise information quickly. 
  • The staff can now store all the details in the blood bank management system. Therefore, they can get rid of the manual procedures. 
  • The blood monitor from Bagmo reduces the error probability to a minimum. 
  • The Blood Monitor dashboard lists the blood bags that are nearing the expiry date and those that are expired. Therefore, the staff can manually discard those units which have become unhealthy due to some technical fault. Also, it will prompt the in-charge to consider the soon expiring blood bags for upcoming transfusions, thereby preventing wastage.
  • As said before, the software generates a unique identification number for each donor. After that, this number helps blood banks track the donor donations and retrieve donor details.
Inventory management
  • The blood bank software uses FIFO (First In First Out) concept to list blood bags for cross-matching when a blood request arrives. As a result, inventory control becomes more organized.
  • The software provides information regarding the demand and availability of blood stocks. Hence, doctors can know which blood group is required more but is rarely available. Also, he can identify which blood group is needed less but plenty in stock. In short, Bagmo’s information system helps the blood center store blood based on demand and availability. Hence, we can reduce wastage and increase availability.
  • The blood center in charge can view the central inventory as the software shows the complete account of the number of units of a particular blood group. 
  • Another benefit of this system is that it allows the blood bank in charge to verify whether the replacement donor has donated blood or not.
Reports and Analysis
  • The blood bank software by Bagmo lists the causes leading to patients requiring blood transfusion. Most factors for blood transfusions include accidental cases, heart surgery, post-delivery cases. 
  • The Bagmo software asks and stores all the information related to blood transfusion. Hence, the details help understand why a doctor has recommended a patient for transfusion of blood units.
  • The information system helps the staff to generate numerous reports. These include the reports of donors, donations, total consumption of the blood units, and overall monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually reports. 
  • The centralized dashboard of the blood monitor software shows the number of discarded blood units. It provides an option to view the reason why the staff has discarded the blood units.  
Blood camp management
  • Bagmo’s blood bank management system supports blood camps and their management. It allows the staff to upload information of upcoming blood donation camps in the city. Hence, the public can view the details and turn up for voluntary blood donations.

Bagmo has gone the extra mile to develop the Blood Monitor, the best blood bank management system. The above benefits show that the Bagmo Blood monitor not just helps in inventory management, but much more.

The advantages of using a software for blood bank operations! Bagmo Blood Bank Software.

Bagmo blood bank software

Bagmo Blood Bank Software – Blood monitoring software for blood bank and donor management

To reduce the number of deaths due to the unavailability of blood in rural parts of India, Bagmo has designed a unique blood bank management system that will help reduce blood wastage. The Bagmo blood bank software assists blood banks in donor management along with managing their daily activities. Bagmo blood bank software comes with a temperature sensor unit (bagmo device) that will continuously monitor the temperature of individual blood bags during storage and transportation. This makes it possible for the mother blood bank to take back unused blood bags from the blood storage centers. Thus, reducing wastage and increasing blood availability. Let us read below to understand better how Bagmo blood bank software is the need of every blood bank.

Blood bank and Blood Storage Center(BSC). Are they the same?

The answer is NO. A blood bank is different from a blood storage center. 

  • Considering the hierarchy, a BSC comes under a blood bank. A blood bank is a center where an eligible donor donates blood, and the staff test the donated blood and store it for use. A BSC stores blood bags issued from its mother blanks. 
  • While a blood bank is mostly a part of hospitals, a BSC functions separately and depends on the mother blood bank for the blood bag stocks. A BSC makes quality blood available in rural parts of the country, in case of an emergency.

Blood bank operations without Blood Bank Software

  • When a donor arrives at a blood bank to donate blood, the staff starts the registration process. After the registration, the donor must answer a pre-set questionnaire to confirm his eligibility for blood donation. If eligible, the donor can donate blood.
  • After blood collection, the staff stores the blood bag in the quarantine refrigerator at the blood bank. Then they take the donated blood samples for test. If any test is positive, they will discard the blood bag and inform the donor. If all the tests are a pass, then the blood bag is moved to the respective blood bank refrigerator. 
  • There is a breach alarm attached to every BBR that will go off in the event of a temperature breach. 
  • Upon request from patients, the staff will cross-match blood bags based on FIFO (First IN First OUT) and set them apart in the cross-match BBR. Blood banks also supply blood to nearby blood storage centers to increase the availability of blood. In this case, they will give out the blood bags in LIFO (Last IN First OUT) order.
  • The staff will continuously check the expiry of each blood bag and will discard the expired bags immediately. 
Though it looks simple, the operations of a blood bank are very complex. The staff needs to record every information manually in all the registers. These include 
  • donor registration
  • the eligibility checklist
  • the blood donation details
  • blood test information
  • blood bag location and temperature at every stage
  • patient information
  • cross-match details
  • transfusion reaction information
  • details of blood bags given to patients and blood storage centers
  • number of blood units received, units used, and the number of units discarded each day

Based on the entries in the numerous registers, the staff needs to prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports.

It becomes tedious to retrieve any information by checking the whole set of registers. Because of the manual procedures and difficulty of maintaining so many records, the entire task becomes cumbersome, and chances of missing out on details increase that causes unintentional human errors.

Bagmo blood bank software : A Blood Bank Management System with a temperature sensor

The Bagmo blood bank and donor management system reduces the enormous manual effort required at blood banks. It provides a digital interface for the day-to-day activities of the blood bank. 

  • The staff can do the registration of donor and donor counseling using the blood bank software. Also, it will notify them if the donor has donated blood in the past three months.
  • It becomes easier to track the blood bags with the software. The staff can scan every blood bag using a sensor device attached to each BBR while taking a blood bag out or placing it inside. 
  • All the test details associated with the blood bag can be easily updated and viewed using the Bagmo software.
  • The integration of the blood bank software with RFID technology and temperature sensors will increase the transparency regarding the location and temperature of the blood bags. 
  • The Bagmo software sends mobile and email alerts in any case of a breach in the temperature of a blood bag. 
  • The blood bank software effectively tracks the expiry of blood bags which may otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Another advantage of using Bagmo for blood bank operations is that it manages the daily stock more effectively than done manually. 
  • The software automatically generates error-free reports saving the time and efforts of the staff. 
  • By cloud computing, the medical officer will be able to monitor the blood bank operations remotely. 
  • Since all the information is saved digitally, by entering the blood bag number, the software shows all the data associated with the blood bag from donor to patient, thus providing vein-to-vein information.
Look what makes us exceptional!
  • The Bagmo software saves the complete history of each blood bag. The storage location and storage temperature information helps the mother blood banks take the unused blood bags back from the blood storage centers. Thus, we can reduce wastage. 
  • Donor management is another feature that would help the blood banks to track the donor and blood donation time gap. 
  • Moreover, it brings more accountability in the processes as it will be easy to track the work done by the staff members. 
  • The software suggests the blood bags in FIFO order for cross-match once a request arrives. 
  • The Bagmo software readily works in integration with other software in hospitals like the HIS.

Hence, we can see how Bagmo blood bank software is a boon for the blood banks as it helps in a more organized and smooth operation.

Blood Donor Day -2021

blood donation

World Blood Donor Day, an initiative by the World Health Organization (WHO) is celebrated every year on 14 June. This day is celebrated every year to spread awareness about the significance of blood donation and to recognize the contribution of voluntary unpaid blood donors in saving lives.

The first World Blood Donor Day was observed by WHO in 2004. Whereas it was declared as an annual global event in the 58th World Health Assembly in 2005.

The day is celebrated on the birthday of an Austrian biologist and physician, Karl Landsteiner. He is considered to be the founder of modern blood transfusion.

World Blood Donor Day takes place on 14 June each year. The aim is to raise global awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products for transfusion and of the critical contribution voluntary, unpaid blood donors make to national health systems. The day also provides an opportunity to call to action to governments and national health authorities to provide adequate resources and put into place systems and infrastructures to increase the collection of blood from voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors.

Safe blood and blood products and their transfusion are a critical aspect of care and public health. They save millions of lives and improve the health and quality of life of many patients every day. The need for blood is universal, but access to blood for all those who need it is not. Blood shortages are particularly acute in developing countries.

Focus of this year’s campaign
For 2021, the World Blood Donor Day slogan will be “Give blood and keep the world beating”. The message highlights the essential contribution blood donors make to keeping the world pulsating by saving lives and improving others’ health. It reinforces the global call for more people all over the world to donate blood regularly and contribute to better health.

A special focus of this year’s campaign will be the role of young people in ensuring a safe blood supply. In many countries, young people have been at the forefront of activities and initiatives aimed at achieving safe blood supplies through voluntary, non-remunerated blood donations. Young people form a large sector of the population in many societies and are generally full of idealism, enthusiasm and creativity.

The specific objectives of this year’s campaign are to:

  • thank blood donors in the world and create wider public awareness of the need for regular, unpaid blood donation;
  • promote the community values of blood donation in enhancing community solidarity and social cohesion;
  • encourage youth to embrace the humanitarian call to donate blood and inspire others to do the same;
  • celebrate the potential of youth as partners in promoting health.

How can Bagmo help in increasing blood availability?

  1. We assure the quality of blood by tracking blood temperature during storage and logistics. 
  2. Each bag is electronically scanned into the system.
  3. It implements accountability and traceability of blood bag which enables the mother blood bank to take back its unused blood within the correct time.
  4. We provided more confidence to doctors to store blood in rural areas which will ultimately increase the availability of blood.
  5. Monitoring individual blood bags will help in vein to vein inventory management


blood camp

PEOPLE CAN DONATE BLOOD 14 DAYS AFTER TAKING A COVID-19 VACCINE, according to an expert committee set up to review an earlier directive to donate blood only after 28 days.
Blood Donation deferral criteria for the vaccine is from 7 to 14 day in most countries.But in India, the authorities had set the deferral period of 28 days after one dose of vaccine.This would have created a major crisis in blood banks as majority of voluntary donors are in the 18 to 44 age group. Now, the NTBC has revised the deferral period to 14 days.

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BAGMO Assures safe blood for all

blood monitor system

Bagmo – A smart blood bag monitoring system & blood bank information system, developed to assure the quality of each blood bag in a novel and affordable way during the supply chain of blood bag between blood storage centres and mother blood bank. The device will assure end to end documentation and quality of blood bag which will increase the inventory and reduce wastage of precious blood in blood storage centres.

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