Are you looking for free blood bank software?. Reducing blood wastage is equivalent to increasing its availability. Mother blood banks can now monitor the conditions at storage centers through the Bagmo web application. They can now take back unused blood bags from storage centers, thereby reducing wastage.

A mother blood bank supplies blood units to its associated storage centers. Mother blood banks can confidently take back unused blood units from storage centers if there is proof of proper storage conditions. Hence, we can reduce the wastage of blood. In conventional practice, mother blood banks do not accept unused blood bags from storage centers and they get wasted. The mother blood banks are reluctant to take them back due to uncertainty of the quality. We must maintain the temperature of blood units at appropriate range while transporting to the storage centers. We must also ensure proper storage conditions of the blood units while in the storage center.

The Bagmo device ensures that the blood units reaching the blood storage centers are at proper temperatures. Every storage center can monitor the blood bag status using the free Bagmo blood bank management software for storage centers. The mother blood bank can view the temperature trail and other conditions at the storage centers through the Bagmo application. As a result, the quality of blood units is assured. As a result, it gives confidence to the blood bank to accept unused blood bags from storage centers before their expiry. Hence, we can prevent wastage of blood units to a great extent.

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