Vein-to-Vein Traceability

Vein-to-Vein Traceability of a blood bag means procuring all the information related to that blood unit. The data includes donor details, temperature and location trail of the blood unit, blood screening and crossmatching information, recipient/patient details. Vein-to-Vein Traceability also helps identify any transfusion reaction on a patient and also to understand the previous history of transfusion. vein-to-vein-traceability is necessary to trace back details corresponding to a blood bag at any point in time.

Conventional operation methods in blood banks are time-consuming and it will take approximately a couple of days to trace back all the details of a blood unit. By using Bagmo, we can reduce the time taken for tracing blood bag information to a few minutes. The staff can retrieve the blood bag data quickly using the Bagmo blood centre management system. When the staff enters the blood bag number in the application, he can view every information related to the blood unit on a single screen.

In transfusion practices, the traceability of blood products means that, at any time, blood transfusion services must know “who donated or who received which blood or blood product?” Therefore, the Bagmo blood centre management system allows following a blood product or the procedure from the donor to the recipient (vein-to-vein-traceability) and vice versa. This implies a close collaboration between blood centre services and transfusion services. Its objective is to retrieve from a donation number, the history of the donor and the recipients of the blood products processed from the donated blood.

Both higher and lower temperatures outside the recommended limits can cause the blood to be unsafe and, although the regulations give storage temperature limits, there are currently no statutory guidelines relating to temperature excursions.

It would appear that currently, the blood centres follow the ’30 minute recommendation’ suggested by the Blood Transfusion Service, whereby any transfusion should be started no more than 30 minutes after the blood has been removed from storage at between 2 and 5C.

In this case the temperature profile of each and every box and vein-to-vein-traceability would need to be logged throughout its journey to be sure no temperature excursions have occurred

Vien to vien tracebility

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